Saturday, October 31, 2015

More reviews!

Reviews for The SEA is Ours continue to roll in from all corners!

Here's one from Her Commonplace Blog, which is interestingly excited and dramatically critical at the same time:
The intro to the anthology felt really dramatic, but in a good way. Felt quite empowering and inspiring and I challenge any other SEAsian SFF author out there to read it and not feel inspired!! My only issue is that saying “hella queer” in the intro felt a bit out of place, compared to the rest of the tone that is used in the intro. But maybe that’s just me being a bit nitpicky…

FanGirl Nation had really cool adjectives for us: "rich, unexpected, and outstanding." Big words!

Gnomes from Gnome Reviews also got to our book! With a satisfying response:
To readers unfamiliar with Southeast Asian culture and folklore, this book presents many opportunities for learning and research. The gnomes fell down the Wikipedia rabbit hole every time a new location, historical reference, or frightening creature was mentioned. This meant that it took (a lot) longer to finish the collection, but they learned a lot and were able to fully understand the stories.
Why yes, yes, that is part of the point.

Sean Wright, the Bookanaut, took a while to read our anthology, but despite two hard drive crashes, he gave us a wonderful review:
An intriguing selection that is reminiscent of Alternative Alamat in some ways. This *is* steampunk, but where that might cause potential readers to roll eyes and think "not another clockwork collection", The Sea is Ours is much more South East Asian alternative history and is all the better for it. The steampunk is subtle in most cases and where it isn't it’s original.
Yessssssss @ at that shoutout to Alternative Alamat, edited by contributor Paolo Chikiamco! 

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